'Salim Nam 2'Kim Mi-ryo "Husband, shorts + short sleeves + long padding, uncle who doesn't know shame"
'Salim Nam 2'Kim Mi-ryo "Husband, shorts + short sleeves + long padding, uncle who doesn't know shame"
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Photo = Capture of KBS2'Saving Men Season 2'

Comedian Kim Mi-ryo complained about her husband who became uncle after marriage.

In KBS 2TV'Salim Men Season 2'(Salim Nam 2) broadcast on the 12th, Mi-ryo Kim and Seong-yoon Jeong appeared.

Kim Mi-ryo spent a frantic time taking puppy food, children's snacks, washing dishes, and checking her daughter Moa's notice. On the other hand, Jeong Seong-yoon slowly spent all of her time taking food for her son Aeon-i.

Kim Mi-ryo said, “While I do four or five things, my husband only feeds. In the morning, I had to go to work at the daycare center, so I would die in a hurry, but seeing that kind of stuff makes me feel annoyed and angry.”

Jeong Seong-yoon, however, said, “I can't push my child to eat quickly because it's only been 23 months. “I’m eating while communicating while looking at my child’s condition, but I think that’s not good for my wife,” he said bitterly.

Kim Mi-ryo recalled the first time he met with Jeong Seong-yoon. Kim Mi-ryo said, “I went to MT with radio performers and found out they were the same company. One day, I got a call from a number I didn't know, but the feeling came. "That's him."

Let's say, “I felt that I was a very good person while meeting,” and Mi-ryo Kim said, “It wasn't at first sight, but when I met, my eyes changed at some point. Adding the sum of the sums is over two years,” he added.

“Honestly, when I got married, my husband was handsome and married. At that time, my husband had light eyes and slim body and had abs. But does the combination of shorts, short sleeves and long padding make sense right now? When I became an uncle, I didn't seem to know the embarrassment.”

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