'My baby like gold' Kim Dong-hyun,'anxiety disorder' instead of Jung Hyeong-don sortie... 100% empathy
'My baby like gold' Kim Dong-hyun,'anxiety disorder' instead of Jung Hyeong-don sortie... 100% empathy
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Photo = Channel A'My Baby Like Gold' broadcast capture
Photo = Channel A'My Baby Like Gold' broadcast capture

Kim Dong-hyun, a former fighter broadcaster, appeared as a special MC instead of Jung Hyung-don, who announced that he would stop his activities due to worsening anxiety disorder.

On the 11th broadcast of Channel A'My Baby Like Gold', Kim Dong-hyun appeared instead of Jung Hyung-don who was away. The MCs introduced that "Dong-Hyun Kim gave a seat as a special MC instead of Hyung-Don Jung." On this day, the production crew wished for his well-being with the subtitle "Be Good! Doni Hyung" in the video of Jung Hyung-don's appearance.

On this day, when asked to introduce Geumpyeon, Kim Dong-hyun said, "I'm raising a 15-month-old son, Dan-woo. My second son is expected to be born next January." Dr. Eun-young Oh and the cast members said, "Congratulations" and blessed the birth of life.

On this day, Kim Dong-hyun played an outstanding role as a special MC. He asked the question, "Is it okay to show the smartphone to a child in a public place?" and Jang Young-ran and Hong Hyun-hee induce laughter by telling the round when the question came out.

Following the story of comedian Heo-min and baseball player Jung In-wook, who shared their concerns about the four-year-old Geumsik, who became annoyed after having a younger brother, they sympathized with the story of the couple, "It's completely my story. I'm afraid of how the first Danwoo will react when my younger brother is born next month I was curious what to do so that I can accept my younger brother."

He said, "When my younger brother is born, I ask the first,'Can my younger brother come?' and I am planning to bring him back," he said. He exerted his extraordinary parenting ability, but Hong Hyun-hee said, "What if Danwoo doesn't work, what if he can't come in?" It was bruised and made me laugh again.

Not only this. When asked what kind of efforts he did for his wife who is suffering from postpartum depression as a husband, he said, "Lee Soo-geun's brother gave me a good word. When I went home, I asked my wife,'What would you like to eat?' They told me not to say, “What should I buy?” My wife said that she said, “It’s okay.” I just buy anything and I just say thank you for that, so I always buy something to eat. I eat and go in, and my wife packs food separately. "My wife was really grateful."

Dr. Oh Eun-young and Jang Young-ran admired Kim Dong-hyun's perfect husband, saying, "I am hungry because I can't eat while raising children. I am especially hungry when breastfeeding."

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