'Vis' Hong Seok-cheon "Regretted because it was dating..."
'Vis' Hong Seok-cheon "Regretted because it was dating..."
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Photo = MBC Every1'Video Star'
Photo = MBC Every1'Video Star' broadcast capture

Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon revealed that he decided to appear in a musical after seeing Jin Yi-han as a rookie.

MBC Every1'Video Star', which aired on the 8th, was a special feature of Wax's men,'Opa! This friendship money~?'

Wax's best friends who appeared on this day were Hong Seok-cheon, Jin Yi-han, and Lee Ki-chan. Lee Ki-chan said, "I hesitated to appear on the broadcast, but I followed it because of Wax's order," and said, "One of the nicknames is'General Jo'. I feel like a shaggy older brother because I am close more than my family." Park Kyung-rim and Wax, whom he is familiar with, come to Wax when they sing at the same time. He explained the reason, saying, "Mr. Kyung-rim has a husband and a baby family."

Jin Yi-han, the owner of tremendous shyness, was scared of appearing in entertainment. He said, "I was contacted and told me to think about it, but I decided to appear after saying'You just stay still'."

Jin Lee-han talked about the first impression of the day he was introduced to wax by Hong Seok-cheon. He said, "Why do you want to be a singer without a face? I was pretty and my skin was good. I was good at singing and good looking, but I thought it was a waste." In response, Wax showed joy with a frank clown ascension.

Wax expressed dissatisfaction with Hong Seok-cheon, who sat next to him, saying, "Why are you next to me again?" and revealed that "Hong Seok-cheon is so jealous. When there is a man, he always sits among Hong Seok-cheon."

Even this day, Hong Seok-cheon, who sat between Wax and Jin Yi-han, said, "Jin Lee-han is a tremendous existence to himself." He said, "I met in the musical'Footrus' in 2006. Jin Yi-han took on the musical protagonist when he was a rookie. It was really okay." He said, "I was trying to examine the original musical, but after seeing Jin Yi-han, I decided to appear. But soon I regretted it. At that time, Jin Yi-han dated. I was in the middle of it." Jin Lee-han was a bit embarrassed, but recalled that "Hong Seok-cheon glanced over the entire work."

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