Former I Love Shin Min-ah exposes bullying →'Honor damage' Prosecutor Songchi... Start of court fight
Former I Love Shin Min-ah exposes bullying →'Honor damage' Prosecutor Songchi... Start of court fight
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Photo = Shin Min Ah SNS
Photo = Shin Min Ah SNS

Shin Min-ah, former member of girl group I Love, was sent to the prosecution.

On the 8th, I Love's agency WKS ENE said, "According to the citizens of the I Love legal representative law office, on November 28, the Seoul Jongno Police Department prosecuted Shin Min-ah on the alleged obstruction of work, and some of the charges of violating the Information and Communication Network Act (defamation). As an opinion, Shin Min-ah was sent to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office." He added, "Thank you for the support and interest of the fans who send them to other members."

In July, Shin Min-ah revealed that she was harassed by I Love members through SNS. He claimed that he had lost up to 35kg due to stress due to bullying and left the team after suffering mental illness such as depression.

However, I Love, emphasizing that all of his claims were false, sued for defamation, obstruction, and fan letter theft.

Conflicting arguments between the two sides were strained. Shin Min-ah complained of resentment and showed his will to fight until the end, and the management company is not backing down until the end, saying that it is "unfounded." Eventually, the case was passed to the prosecution due to the opinion of the prosecution.

Shin Min-ah is not expected to back down. On November 15th, he left a review of the movie'The Day I Die' on his SNS, saying,'There is only one earth, but he does whatever it takes to hide everything. The situation of the movie protagonist was similar to me. The policeman said that even if the law could not protect me, there was a way to get rid of the resentment. I just wanted to get an apology. I made up my mind. I'll do it until the end.'

Meanwhile, Shin Min-ah withdrew from the team after debuting with I Love last year, and afterwards, I Love members Seoyoon, Choi Sang, and Jiwon made their re-debut with the group VotoPass.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru]

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