'Bronze Dream 2'Advancing "I didn't want to hurt my second brother's daughter's half-brother."
'Bronze Dream 2'Advancing "I didn't want to hurt my second brother's daughter's half-brother."
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Photo = SBS'Statue Dream Season 2-You Are My Destiny' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Statue Dream Season 2-You Are My Destiny' broadcast capture

Singer Jeon-jin invited his second mother's daughter, his half-sister and couple, to the house.

In SBS's'Bronze Dream Season 2-You Are My Destiny', which aired on the 7th, Jun Jin-Ryu Seo couples were drawn to meet special guests.

On this day, Liu Yiseo declared, "Don't do anything today. I'll do everything." It looks quite different from Junjin's usual cooking. Jeonjin asked, "You know that Saerom is coming later, and then your mother is coming?" and Ryu Seo replied, "I know."

In an interview with the production crew, Jeon Jin said, "The third mother who has protected me since middle school decided to come, and the day my sister and husband decided to come for the first time." "My sister is the second mother I raised from elementary school to middle school. "I'm a daughter. In a way, I'm a half-brother. I'm looking forward to the first couple's coming because I'm a younger brother who is in good contact with me now."

Jeon-jin's younger sister and wife were'exercise trainers' working as fitness trainers. In particular, the younger brother boasted of his extraordinary power to lift the heavy sofa flashing despite his delicate body.

On this day, Liu Yiseo prepared Italian home-style meals such as arancini and cream pasta for his younger sisters and couple. The people who exchanged stories while eating delicious food confessed to the family affairs that had been difficult while reading the album.

The younger brother asked Jeonjin, "I thought that my brother was my real brother, and then I realized that I was a half-sister when I grew up. When did you know that?"

Jeon Jin said, "I was in the 4th or 5th grade of elementary school, but after living with my grandmother, I suddenly couldn't understand living in another place. So I looked for a copy of resident registration and asked the adults because it was weird. My aunts were surprised and did not know what to do. I think I wanted you to think of my stepmother as my real mother,” he recalled.

Jeonjin was hurt by the fact that he was not his real mother and younger brother, but he took care of his younger brother, not himself. He said, "My heart hurts inside. I thought it was my younger brother, but it turned out that it wasn't. I thought,'Is my mother different?', and my curiosity about my real mother grew," he said. "I didn't want to hurt my heart as much for my sister. Even at a young age, I thought,'What's wrong with my younger brother.'

Liu Yiseo quietly comforted her heart, saying, "It must have been difficult at a young age." The younger brother said, "Even though I'm empty, I get a call from my brother when I can forget it. Thank you for that." In response, Ryu Seo said, "My brother talked a lot about Eun-geun Saerom's younger brother," and the younger brother said, "I didn't talk about it?", but the younger brother's husband said, "I told him that I was like a sore finger."

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