'My Way' Choi Chul-ho lives as a daily worker after being assaulted by a female junior
'My Way' Choi Chul-ho lives as a daily worker after being assaulted by a female junior
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Photo = TV Chosun'Star Documentary My Way' broadcast capture
Photo = TV Chosun'Star Documentary My Way' broadcast capture

Actor Choi Cheol-ho revealed his life as a daily worker.

Choi Cheol-ho appeared on TV Chosun's'Star Documentary My Way' on the 7th, and the appearance of earning a living as a daily worker in a small studio of about 5 pyeong spread spread.

Choi Cheol-ho, who was doing laundry and cleaning, borrowed a roommate's card to buy a pay-as-you-go bag. He said, "I don't have a card. I have a credit problem because of a debt, so I can't make a card." I confessed.

The reason why Choi Chul-ho became a daily worker from an actor was when he committed an unsavory incident in 2009. After debuting with the play'Silence of the Lord' in 1990, he took on the role of a mountain horse in the TV drama'Night Age', and his awareness rose sharply. Since then, he has played an active part in'Immortal Yi Soon-shin' and'Cheonchu Empress'.

However, Choi Cheol-ho assaulted a female junior while drinking. When he made a statement at the police station, he claimed that "there was no fact of the assault," but the CCTV that contained the image of the assault was revealed, and a stir was raised. Only then he condemned his sin and was beaten by public opinion. The broadcaster turned away from him.

Choi Cheol-ho said, "I challenged a business related to studying in Southeast Asia. I made a loan, paid a debt, and then a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) broke out. I couldn't stop it. I got a situation where I had to pay a debt and clean my house. My wife and children were forced to go to the house, and my parents went to a nursing home. Through my juniors, I got to know the work of the distribution center.”

Choi Cheol-ho tried to think positively while working at the distribution center. While shooting, I heard the news of my father's obituary. He shed tears endlessly and repented. "My mother said to my father,'I lost my house because my mother died when I was in a nursing home.' I wish I had died when I was good, but I feel like I'm a sinner. I will live hard. I'll do well with my mother."

Choi Cheol-ho visited his mother in a nursing home, but he could not deliver the news of his father. He turned away, saying, "I will tell you when my mother recovers more."

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