Lim Young-woong-BTS-Monsta X-Twice, AAA awards... broadcast delayed'Ok on Tee'
Lim Young-woong-BTS-Monsta X-Twice, AAA awards... broadcast delayed'Ok on Tee'
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Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Lim Young-woong/ Photo = AAA 2020 broadcast capture

Singer Lim Young-woong won the '2020 AAA' grand prize. Lim Young-woong achieved 3 crowns, including the Popularity Award and the Hot Issue Award.

Lim Young-woong, who attended the '2020 Asia Artist Awards' (2020 Asia Artist Awards, hereinafter '2020 AAA') held on the afternoon of the 28th, said, "I am embarrassed and thankful. It is an award that I would not be able to see without the Age of Heroes (fan club). I love you. Thank you," he said, "The concert was scheduled every week until the end of 2020, but it is being canceled. I regret it, but I will make a place to communicate with the fans."

He continued, "It was a glorious time to give comfort to the people with my voice in a bad situation this year. I don't know if these are the awards I can receive. Every time I receive it, it is like a dream and it is so glorious. A hero who works harder I will do it," he added.

On this day, BTS received the Song of the Year Award, one of the six grand prizes in the singer category. Through the video, BTS said, "I am happy that'Dynamite' seemed to give a little bit of good energy and comfort to many people who are having a difficult and difficult time. Thanks to the ARMYs, we were able to sing happily and stand on stage. Happy and happy. Thank you," he said.

On the other hand, the Grand Prizes for Song of the Year, Stage of the Year, Trot of the Year, Album of the Year, Performance of the Year, Singer of the Year, and Actor of the Year are respectively BTS, Monsta X, Lim Young-woong, NCT, and GOD. Seven, Twice and Kim Soo-hyun (drama) and Lee Jung-jae (movie).

'2020 AAA' was broadcast for a fee through My Music Taste, but the server was down due to congestion of visitors, and the broadcast was delayed by about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Frequent technical defects were revealed, such as no sound or interruption of the screen even during broadcasting.

Below is the list of '2020 AAA' winners. It was divided into singer and actor categories, and was awarded to 58 teams in 25 categories.

▲ Actor section

Grand Prize = Kim Soo-hyun (Actor of the Year in Drama) Lee Jung-jae (Actor of the Year in Movie)
Best Artist = Junki Lee, Yeji Seo

Best Actor = Hyo-seop Ahn, Seong-kyung Lee
Best Acting = Junhyuk Lee, Mido Jeon
Best Choice = Bohyun Ahn, Joohyun Park
Asia Celebrity Award = Lee Jun-ki
New Stealer Award = Minjae Kim
Hot Issue Award = Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji
Emotive Award = Kim Sun-ho, Ahn Bo-hyun
Icon Award = Jooyoung Lee
Potential Award = Park Jin-young (GOT7), Kim Hye-yoon
Rookie of the Year = Jaewook Lee and Sohee Han
Focus Award = Eunjin Ahn

▲ Singer Category

Target = BTS (Song of the Year), Youngwoong Lim (Trot of the Year), Monsta X (Stage of the Year), NCT (Album of the Year), GOT7 (Performance of the Year), Twice (Singer of the Year)
History of Songs = Super Junior

Best Artist = NCT 127, Mamamoo
Best musician = Ga-in Song, Daniel Kang, IZone
Best Choice = The Boyz, you know
Best Pop Artist Award = Anne Marie, Max
Asia Celebrity Award = Kang Daniel, Weision V
Best Music Video Award = Stray Kids
Hot Issue Award = Youngwoong Lim, Youji
Emotive Award = NCT Dream, (Female) Idle
Icon Award = Pentagon, ABS6
Potential Award = Cravity, Eyes One
Rookie Award = Treasure, Secret Number
Focus Award = One Earth, Alexa
Groove Prize = Big Man

AAA Best of Best Star News X Choi Aedol = BTS
AAA Choi Aedol Popularity Award = BTS, Twice, Park Jin-young (GOT7), Song Ji-hyo, Lim Young-woong

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