'Eating' Song Ga-in's anger, "Who's wrong with Hongja?
'Eating' Song Ga-in's anger, "Who's wrong with Hongja?
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Song Ga-in appeared with Jung Mi-ae and Hong-ja in SBS Plus''Do you eat rice-Kang Ho-dong's rice heart', aired on the 23rd, and showed anger over the discord / Photo = SBS Plus'Do you eat rice-Kang Ho-dong's rice heart' Broadcast capture
Song Ga-in appeared with Jung Mi-ae and Hong-ja in SBS Plus's'Do you eat rice? Broadcast capture

Song Ga-in was angry at the discord with her fellow singer Hongja.

On the 23rd aired on the 23rd, SBS Plus'I'm eating rice-Kang Ho-dong's Babsim', three members of'Mistrot' Song Ga-in, Hong Ja, and Jung Mi-ae appeared, sharing rice together, and having a friendly conversation.

Song Ga-in said, "It's been 1 year and 6 months since the contest ended, but this is the first time we ate in three. Mi-ae had to take care of the children, so she always had to miss a dinner party. I eat," he said. Hongja expressed his gratitude, saying, "I was invited by Cain to eat this too." In response, Song Ga-in smiled, saying, "I came because I wanted to eat together because I was so busy with three people that I couldn't eat properly.

However, when they said, "Three people eat together for the first time," the MCs carefully brought up a discord. Song Ga-in was angry, saying, "Who says it is a discord." Jung Mi-ae said, "There was such a rumor. It was probably because of hot competition due to the nature of the program. Since'Mistrot' is a contest program, I think it was packaged for fun."

In response, MC Kim Shin-young said, "Since the contest program is recorded for a long time, it is possible that Hongja is stiff and loosening his throat. But, after Cain talks, I attach it and send it out." No. So, if you go to the second half, you will all laugh later, or you will have a useless misunderstanding. But, watching such a tight fight, viewers are more immersive, so it seems unavoidable."

Song Ga-in clapped and laughed, saying, "It's correct," he said, "I'm really close. It's really nice to meet the members who competed together in a concert hall after a week. It's nice to say hello and chat, and I really like it."

In particular, Song Ga-in said that there was a rumor that he was not getting along with Hongzawa, and said, "It's really nice, but people are jealous because (we) are doing well. We have to bring people who rumored to us."

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