'King of Mask Singer', the cat with 5 consecutive wins...
'King of Mask Singer', the cat with 5 consecutive wins...
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Caterpillar Cat/ Photo = MBC'The King of Mask Singer' capture

The'King of Mask Singer', the cat, succeeded in winning five consecutive victories and became the 141st singer.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, MBC's'The King of Mask Singer' showed a confrontation of pure manga, tango, bubble gum, and Yabalabahikimoya Mohaimo Hairura, who challenged the cat.

On this day, the cat went out to defend the king as Sondia's'adult'. Kiddibi shed tears on the stage of a cat with a calm voice that permeates her eyelashes. As a result of the final voting, the cat has 5 consecutive wins.

Out of 21 votes, it was an overwhelming score with 20 votes excluding Kim Gura. The identity of Yabalabahigiya Mohaimohairura, who was defeated by a bum cat, was a rapper Phenomeko.

On the other hand, the identity of the unfortunately eliminated Soon Jung manga was the child actor Gal So-won of'The Gift of Room 7'. Bubblegum was Kim Lip, the girl of the month group. He is the fourth girl member of the month to appear in'The King of Mask Singer'. Tango's identity was revealed to be Judyne, the vocal of the shareholders' club.

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