'Miwoo bird' Oh Min-seok, tarot point prophecy
'Miwoo bird' Oh Min-seok, tarot point prophecy
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Lee Sang-min confessed, "There is one woman who has a good feeling recently."

On the 22nd aired on SBS'My Ugly Cub' (Miwoo Bird), the sons of'Miwoo Bird' were drawn to the house of Oh Min-seok, who moved into Park Soo-hong's empty house as'Calse'.

Min-seok Oh, who recently obtained the Tarot Psychological Counselor Certificate, looked at the love luck between Lee Sang-min and Kim Jong-guk. Lee Sang-min confessed, "There is a woman who has a good feeling recently," and asked, "I'm curious about what that person thinks of me." Tak Jae-hoon intervened, saying, "What is that person's name?" Lee Sang-min nailed him, saying, "I don't teach you."

After looking at the card Lee Sang-min chose, Oh Min-seok said, "I think he's a little strong. He may not be a little bit harder."

Oh Min-seok explained, "This is a card that says I want to take a break. I want to take a break due to some stress and I want to endure it, but what is not so bad is that there is hope. If my brother can bear this," he explained.

In particular, Oh Min-suk recommended, "Think'Will it be good with that person' and draw a card", and Lee Sang-min drew a card. Oh Min-suk raised expectations, saying, "We can go to marriage. The woman's value is so high that the older brother will take it. And everyone will be congratulated."

Soon, Lee Sang-min prepared half a pig that had not been splintered for a housewarming party. He went directly to the bones for the members. Kim Jong-guk expressed satisfaction, saying, "Wouldn't it be okay if it was a hobby?" On the other hand, Jaehoon Tak showed boredom in the process of deboning. Lee Sang-min said, "Hyung, are you going to live like this?"

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