'At the time of war', Kim Seong-ryeong's'Sik Tam' exposed? "I hit an actress and eat a lot"
'At the time of war', Kim Seong-ryeong's'Sik Tam' exposed? "I hit an actress and eat a lot"
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Photo = Capture of MBC'Point of Omniscient Interference'

Manager Seong-ryeong Kim revealed that Seong-ryeong Kim could not stand hunger.

On the afternoon of the 21st, the managers of actors Kim Seong-ryeong and Lee Jun-young appeared in MBC's'Point of Omniscient Intervention' (when participating in the war).

Manager Yoon Dae-hoon, who has been with Kim Sung-ryeong for 8 years, reported that "Kim Sung-ryeong is not good at hunger." Lee Young-ja was happy to find something in common. As reported, Kim Sung-ryeong looked for something to eat from breakfast.

Seongryeong Kim looked at the manager and said, "I'm hungry. I need something to chew." The manager said, "My sister eats a lot." Seongryeong Kim was delighted to see the sweets brought by the makeup staff. While eating, I was worried about breakfast.

After arriving at the production presentation, Kim Sung-ryeong said he was hungry again. When the manager gave me chocolate, I was very happy. Kim Seong-ryeong, who had time after photo time, ate a boiled egg brought by actor Lee Si-young. Following this, Kim Sung-ryeong and Lee Si-young even ate kimbap in a short break. After eating snacks, Seongryeong Kim energetically digested the production presentation.

"I think I eat a lot for an actress," said Kim Seong-ryeong, and "I like to eat variously." He did not understand the question of how many cup noodles to eat and asked, "Why do I fill my stomach with one flavor?"

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