72-year-old Kim Soo-mi appeared in high heels in'The Law of the Jungle'...
72-year-old Kim Soo-mi appeared in high heels in'The Law of the Jungle'...
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Photo = SBS'Law of the Jungle' capture

The 72-year-old mother, Kim Soo-mi, and her son, Kim Byung-man, met.

In SBS'The Law of the Jungle-Chief and Helmoney' (Jungbeop) broadcast on the 21st, Miseon Park, Jesse, Kang Woo Kim, Nam Nam, Yang Ji Il, and Hel Money Kim Soo Mi appeared.

Kim Soo-mi arrived in Namdaecheon, Yangyang, Gangwon-do, wearing red high heels, jeans, and purple padding with a pack of luggage in both hands.

Kim Soo-mi said, "I wear high heels in the sand because it is a habit. Is there a law that I shouldn't wear high heels in the jungle?"

Kim Soo-mi, Jesse, Gangnam, and Yang Ji-il went on a salmon exploration, while Kim Byeong-man, Park Mi-seon, and Kim Kang-woo went on to search for a sack. The harvest was successful, but the salmon could not be caught.

At the end of the broadcast, for the first time in the jungle, a cooker, an oven, and a cauldron appeared. Kim Soo-mi said, "I was surprised to see you made an oven. Thank you. Looking at the kitchenette, I remembered the old days."

Satisfaction with the bottle began to cook with the various ingredients obtained by each team, as well as the utensils and seasonings brought by Kim Soo-mi. Kim Soo-mi prepared a cauldron steamed egg, Tongari Maeuntang, Jaecheop-guk, and a freshly cooked cauldron rice table.

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