'Right divorce' Kim Won-hee's rude controversy.
'Right divorce' Kim Won-hee's rude controversy.
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Jeong Ga-eun/Photo=
Jeong Ga-eun/ Photo = TV Chosun'We Got Divorced' Capture

Broadcaster Kim Won-hee's attitude toward broadcasting was controversial, but Jung Ga-eun, the party, showed a cool reaction.

In TV Chosun's'We Got Divorced', which aired on the 20th, the fact that Seonwoo Eun-suk personally decorated the house of his ex-husband Lee Young-ha was revealed, which surprised MCs.

Kim Won-hee asked Jeong Ga-eun, who raises her daughter by herself after divorce, "Is that possible? Is it possible to do it now?" As a result, Jung Ga-eun couldn't connect with a confused expression at the moment, and Kim Won-hee immediately went on a water raid, saying, "I'm sorry. Where should I ask?"

Next, Kim Won-hee said, "It's a matter of mind to do the interior and it's a family thing." Jeong Ga-eun also sympathized that "going home should be affectionate."

Immediately after the broadcast, it was pointed out that Kim Won-hee's question was excessive. However, Jeong Ga-eun, who is the person concerned, seemed to not pay much attention. On the 21st, Ga-eun Jung commented on Kim Won-hee's Instagram, saying, "It was good to see and work with my sister after a long time."

Meanwhile, Jeong Ga-eun divorced in 2018 and has a daughter Soi. In December 2019, Jung Ga Eun had a difficult time after divorce, including suing her ex-husband for fraud.

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