'Afflicted Couple' Heo Shin-ae "Now you're mine," Kim Seong-gyu, her husband, indifferent, has an affair and thought
'Afflicted Couple' Heo Shin-ae "Now you're mine," Kim Seong-gyu, her husband, indifferent, has an affair and thought
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Kim Seong-gyu and Heo Shin-ae appear on Channel A's'Anti-Fatigue Couple' broadcast on the 16th and talked about their difficulties in their relationship./Photo = Channel A'Troublesome Couple Who Wants to Get Hot Again' broadcast capture
Kim Seong-gyu and Heo Shin-ae's couple appeared on Channel A's ‘Sick Tour’ of ‘A Couple Who Wants to Get Hot Again’ broadcasted on the 16th, and shared difficulties in marital relations.

Heo Shin-ae, a former musical actor, shared with her comedian Kim Seong-gyu about her feelings of upset during marriage.

Heo Shin-ae-Kim Seong-gyu appeared on Channel A's'Anti-French Couple' broadcast on the 16th, and shared difficulties in the relationship.

Heo Shin-ae said, "I once asked my husband,'Why doesn't my brother love me?'. My husband said,'Now you are mine,'" he said. "That word got stuck in my head. It seems to think that it will be done," he expressed regret. Kim Seong-gyu, who heard this, was surprised, saying, "I said that?"

Heo Shin-ae said, "I approached once again and said to grow up. At that time, my pride was hurt and my heart was sore. I felt like a woman who was too bright and so upset. I turned my husband on my back and cried a lot." At the time, I asked, “Can I touch my brother's chest?” This is what the couple would do with each other. My husband had no reaction and slept while snoring. I was so offended and I was lonely because I thought I could not receive the love of my husband.”

Kim Seong-gyu also had resentment. He said, "I'm 50 years old and I have two kids. My friends are the youngest in high school and I'm 5 months old. I'm in a situation where I have to make money until I'm 80. I have to move from now on. I can only love. "Isn't it?" he said frustrated.

Heo Shin-ae said, "I felt that I could become a'flying lady' because I was festered. Before I got married, I watched a drama about affairs and affairs, and I was angry, thinking,'It's bad. You can't do that. How can a couple betray?' But after getting married, the relationship wasn't going well, so it might be. I understand my heart. The affair is wrong, but my heart understands. I've come to that extent."

He said, "I have been thinking about it since I gave birth to my first child. I try, but my husband seems to be not working and it is not resolved," he said.

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