Two comme + So Yujin's three siblings camping "If you go camping in Baekjongwon, you say'I'm no-no'"
Two comme + So Yujin's three siblings camping "If you go camping in Baekjongwon, you say'I'm no-no'"
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Photo = Capture of KBS 2TV'Superman is back'

The Do Kyung-wan family and the Soo-jin family went camping together.

In KBS 2TV's'The Return of Superman' (Shudoll), which aired on the 15th, the Doppleganger family and Soo-jin Soo-jin's family who left camping were depicted.

While the children were getting close to each other in the camper, Do Gyeong-wan and Soo-jin Soo-jin talked about parenting difficulties together. Soo-jin said, "I want to play with (Baek Jong-won) with my mother's greed, but when I say that, I say'Am I no?'"

Do Gyeong-wan also said, "I can hear the sound I hear in my house. I want to come with my mother and children, but my wife asks me if I'm playing."

Meanwhile, Soo-jin was admired by the appearance of the camping site that Do Gyeong-wan prepared, saying, "It's cool. This is my first time camping," and Do Gyeong-wan trembled, saying, "I'm looking forward to it." Soo-jin Soo-jin looked at the children squatting and laughed, saying, "This is like twins and like that of twins. The reality version of the drama'Five children'?"

Soo-jin and Do Gyeong-wan said, "It was easier to raise children because they released it with each other," and So-jin said, "Every time I see it on the screen, Yeon-woo is really reliable. I have no choice but to fall in love." When Do Gyeong-wan said, "Let's raise it well, let's do well with Seohyun," Soo-jin said, "Then Ha-young raises it well, so I'm going to share with Yong-hee?"

Meanwhile, Park Hyun-bin's daughter Ha Yeon, who reached her first birthday on this day, received congratulations from Joo Hyun-mi, Kim Yeon-ja, Namjin, Seol Undo, Ko Doo-shim, Hong Gyeong-min, Hwang Chi-yeol, and Song Ga-in. Actor Lee Sang-yeop also visited his best friend Sam Hamington's house and played with Will Bengers.

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