Lee Sang-yeop and Lee Min-jung, who transformed into Bentley 20 years after'Shudol', laughed at "Ben's wife"
Lee Sang-yeop and Lee Min-jung, who transformed into Bentley 20 years after'Shudol', laughed at "Ben's wife"
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Lee Sang-yeop, Bentley/ Photo = KBS2TV'Superman is back' capture

Actor Lee Sang-yeop transformed into'Bentley after 20 years'.

In KBS2TV's'The Return of Superman' (Shoodoll), which aired on the 15th, Lee Sang-yeop appeared in surprise and was possessed as a '24-year-old' Bentley.

"What do you like when you grow up? Can you drink coffee? Can you drive?" Sam Hammington's father made a time machine from'Baby Dinosaur Dooley' and said that if you take a good nap, you can go 20 years later.

Lee Sang-yeop arrived while the children were sleeping. Sam's dad ordered Lee Sang-yeop to play Bentley and taught Bentley's speech and behavior. Lee Sang-yeop, who was possessed as a Bentley, spoke to William, who was less awake from a nap, saying "Brother!"

William fell into confusion watching Lee Sang-yeop. William pointed out, "The baby doesn't look like this. It's not so handsome." Bentley also woke up. Bentley laughed awkwardly at Lee Sang-yeop, who said, "My baby is big like me," saying, "No."

While playing well with the children, Lee Sang-yeop tried to buy his heart by preparing everything from sneakers to chocolate, saying that it was "a gift from the future." Bentley and William asked "Ben's mother" when they showed their love scene with Lee Min-jung, who appeared as a wife in the drama'I've Goed Once', and Lee Sang-yeop introduced it as "Ben's wife."

Lee Sang-yeop said, "Do you like Jjajangmyeon? In the future, if you order Jjajangmyeon, it will come in 1 second." "It's because Bentley didn't listen to me (I'm old)," said Sam's dad, dressed up with gray hair and holding jajangmyeon. "It's black on the back," Bentley pointed out to Sam Hamington's black hair. Later, Lee Sang-yeop, Will Bengers, and Sam Hamington ate jajangmyeon together.

Sam came back with a time machine and asked to break up with the future Bentley. Will Bengers got on the time machine saying "Let's go together" and waved goodbye to Lee Sang-yeop.

Meanwhile, Soo-jin Soo and three siblings who went camping with the Do Kyung-wan family were drawn. Park Hyun-bin's daughter Ha Yeon, who reached her first birthday, received congratulations from Joo Hyun-mi, Kim Yeon-ja, Nam Jin, Seol Undo, Ko Doo-shim, Hong Gyeong-min, Hwang Chi-Yeol, and Song Ga-in.

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