"I'm sorry" plagiarism controversy Hong Jin-young, public opinion on'Miwoobird' unedited broadcast'Chill'
"I'm sorry" plagiarism controversy Hong Jin-young, public opinion on'Miwoobird' unedited broadcast'Chill'
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Jinyoung Hong/ Photo =
Hong Jin-young/ Photo = SBS'My Ugly Cub' capture

Despite the controversy over the plagiarism of his master's and doctorate degree, Jin-young Hong is compelling to broadcast.

On the 8th aired on SBS'My Ugly Cub' (Miwoobird), the appearance of Hong Jin-young filming a music video was spread. There is also a picture of Hong Seon-young, who visits his younger brother's filming site, teaches acting, and cooks for his younger brother and the staff.

Hong Jin-young, who was criticized by the public for making an unremarkable explanation regarding the acquisition of a master's degree in trade at Chosun University, showed up again rather than taking self-suk.

On the night of the 8th, netizens are pouring out articles of criticism and concern online. On the'My Ugly Little Boy' portal video page, "Please get off Sister Hong Seon-young Hong Jin-young" "Although there was a controversy about plagiarism of the thesis, it comes out again? Isn't broadcasting basically conveying laughter, emotion, and knowledge? I think I should do it," "Hong Seon-young is not a celebrity, but he has a lot of broadcasts."

In the meantime, SBS'My Ugly Cub' has been attracting attention from netizens because there are many times when the performers have been forced to broadcast rather than edit whenever controversy. Again, since the'Kookmin Ilbo' first reported on the controversy about the plagiarism of Hong Jin-young's master's degree on the 5th, the master's advisor's declaration of conscience came out. .

In fact, netizens are not easily subsided by calling for appreciation of Chosun University, which is suspected of giving a free pass degree to a child of a professor at his/her own school. Online, "It's correct not to return the degree, but to undertake an investigation." Opinions such as "Please thoroughly investigate" came up.

On the 5th, the Kookmin Daily reported that Hong Jin-young's master's thesis recorded a plagiarism rate of 74%. Afterwards, Hong Jin-young's management company made a refutation, but on the next day, the 6th, Hong Jin-young's master's thesis supervisor said, "I received phone calls from many places regarding Hong Jin-young's degree." C. My father's breath worked."

Hong Jin-young said that he would return his degree with a stance, but he is getting a glimpse because he is promoting his new song rather than taking the time to self-sufficiently.

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