Red Velvet's Irene, staff advocacy vs. revelations
Red Velvet's Irene, staff advocacy vs. revelations
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Revelation and advocacy for Red Velvet Irene, who acknowledged and apologized for the facts of being haphazard, are continuing to discuss personality./Photo = Irene SNS, advocacy, and revelation
Revelation and advocacy for Red Velvet Irene, who acknowledged and apologized for the facts, are continuing, leading to controversy over personality / Photo = Irene SNS, advocacy, and revelation

Red Velvet's staff stepped out for Irene, who was caught up in the'gap controversy', but as much as this, the revelations are continuing, and the debate about his personality continues.

On the 22nd, Irene officially apologized, acknowledging the fact that she was ``cheating'' to stylist A, a former fashion editor. As a result, Irene's personality problem has arisen, and some fans' demands to leave the team are rising. However, the Red Velvet staff began to wrap up, saying, "Irene is not that kind of person."

"Irene is a celebrity who has a lot of good stories. At the end of the year, even the youngest staffs have vitamin gifts and say thank you," He said, "This situation is very unfortunate because it is a celebrity with more good sides. Irene, I am a good person that fans know.

"Irene is a person with a warmer heart than anyone else," said Shin-mi Shin, the director of the pure story store. He is a warmer person. I believe in him."

A staff member who has been with Irene for 5 years also said, "It seems like he doesn't care, but he is a delicate person who cares for and cares for the dancers first in every activity." "An artist who conveys his heart to the dancers working together by hand letter. "I don't think I know all about my sister, but as a dancer who has been active for a long time, I believe that she is a warmer person than anyone else."

Choi Sun-hee, who is in charge of Red Velvet's choreography, also said, "Of course, there are a lot of things, of course, that Irene is full of cuteness with strong energy and detail for work." Since it is a place where people work together, there are occasional disagreements, but on such days, she is always a sweet and pretty friend who sends text messages first, coordinates opinions, and gives thanks and fights. In that case, I have the strength to work harder. "He said the wind.

Of course, the testimony that Irene suffered damage continues. A staff member said to have filmed together with Irene at the movie site said,'We shot a movie with a friend famous for being pretty. It was a friend beyond imagination. I thought it was because the movie scene was unfamiliar, but Inseong was such a friend. I just do it or I'm good at it. Don't be cluttered up to other places with your impossible skills.'

Monet Fukuhara, who is well known for going through trainees at SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, asserted, "I was bullied by Joohyun's older sister (Irene) when I was in SM, and Seulgi's older sister protected it." Monet later corrected, "The word'bullying' was a term in a very broad sense. I used it because of a misunderstanding, but I didn't keep harassing it, but I had the experience of saying something I didn't like."

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