Lim Young-woong→BTS (BTS), 2020 AAA favorite star popularity vote 1st place
Lim Young-woong→BTS (BTS), 2020 AAA favorite star popularity vote 1st place
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Photo = Big Hit Entertainment
Photo = Big Hit Entertainment

The interim count of votes to select'Aedol Choi' and'Aedol Choir' of the '2020 Asia Artist Awards' has been released.

The '2020 Asia Artist Awards' held on November 25th is conducting a popular vote to select the favorite star in my heart through the Choi Aedol and Choi Aedol celebrity apps.

The vote, which has been free of charge since the 14th, is divided into six categories. AAA Male Popular Singer Award/AAA Female Popular Singer Award in'Cho Aedol' app voting, and AAA Male Popular Actor Award/AAA Female Popular Actor award/AAA Trot Popular Singer award in'Aedol Celeb' Has become. The'AAA Best of Best Star News x Choi Aedol' award will be awarded to the 1st place who received the most votes by adding up the votes of the two apps.

The current status and results of popular voting, which are determined only by 100% fans' vote, are released through the AAA official website, the STAR POLL app, and the'Aedol Choi' and'Aedol Choi' apps.

The total number of votes so far (as of 12:00 am on October 23rd) has been recorded as 8,139,377,939 votes. Bulletproof Boy Scouts (1,655,737,063 votes) in the male idol category, Twice (449,662,789 votes) in the female idol category, Jinyoung Park (114,591,942 votes) in the male actor category, Jihyo Song (76,656,310 votes) in the female actor category, and Youngwoong Lim (488,075,851 votes) in the female actor category. Running at the forefront of each of these divisions, they are fighting fiercely. In addition, the largest cumulative number of votes for'Choi Aedol' and'Choi Aedol Celeb' app votes is 1,655,737,063 votes by BTS in the male idol category, which is currently running No. 1.

'Choi Aedol' and'Choi Aedol Celeb' are communities used by idol fandoms, providing real-time idol ranking charts, idol schedules, and idol quizzes, and are voting apps that can reflect the ranks of idols and celebrities in real time through artist voting. .

The '2020 Asia Artist Awards', which is receiving great love and attention as a festival where stars and fans communicate directly every year, will be held on November 25 (Wed).

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