Park Seung-hee, “Prepare Carefully” to Design Melope Bag after Short Track Retirement
Park Seung-hee, “Prepare Carefully” to Design Melope Bag after Short Track Retirement
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Photo = Park Seunghee Instagram
Photo = Park Seunghee Instagram

Park Seung-hee, a former short track gold medalist and now a bag designer, appears on the air.

On the 21st, on the 21st tvN entertainment program'You Quiz on the Block', Seunghee Park will appear as the protagonist of'Unique Resume' who started the second act of life as a bag designer.

Park Seung-hee previously appeared on TV and revealed that he is studying fashion after retiring as a player. Park Seung-hee, who buys fabrics at Dongdaemun, said, “I learn a lot in the life of a wise adult. In addition to fashion, I also make bags designed in paintings and leather workshops.” He explained, “Invest in my life.”

In addition, he said about the moment when he started skating, "My mom fell in love with figure skating cartoons, and all of the brothers started skating." It is said that even after deciding on the main sport with short track, for a while, my parents thought they were doing figure skating.

Park Seung-hee, who gave up his dream of fashion from childhood while playing as a player, finally took on a new challenge. Park Seung-hee also expressed a strong confidence in the'Sleep Life' at the time, saying, "I hate the stereotype that if a skater retires, he will of course be a coach in the ice industry."

Park Seung-hee recently launched a brand called Melope. In an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo, Park Seung-hee said, “We prepared carefully and for a long time. I am not a design major, so I wanted to make it more perfect.”

[News Inside reporter Kim Hye-mi]

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