Huh Cham, MC of'Family Entertainment Center' for 26 years
Huh Cham, MC of'Family Entertainment Center' for 26 years
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Huh Cham/Photo = TV Chosun
Huh Cham/Photo = TV Chosun

Broadcaster Heo Cham appears in'Perfect Life'.

MC Heo Cham appears on TV CHOSUN'Perfect Life', which airs on the 21st. Born in 1949, he is 70 this year. However, it still maintains the youthful spirit full of energy from the days of'family entertainment center'.

Heo Cham is known to be using the current stage name at the time of his real name Lee Sang-ryong, while working as an MC from Busan to Seoul.

I was in charge of the MC of various programs such as'Seven Singer Show' and'Show Show Show', but the'Family Entertainment Hall' was an indispensable thing if it was too poor. Heo Cham also held the MC position for 26 years until the'Family Recreation Center' was closed in 2009.

Heo Cham continues various broadcasting activities even after the end of the'Family Recreation Center'. In 2019, it became a hot topic by appearing in the morning drama ``Would you like a taste''.

[News Inside reporter Kim Hye-mi]

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