'Fake Man Season 2'Logan's wife's legacy, "cause providers will be severely punished"
'Fake Man Season 2'Logan's wife's legacy, "cause providers will be severely punished"
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Logan / Photo = YouTube capture
Logan / Photo = YouTube capture

The news that the wife of instructor Logan (real name Kim Joon-young), who appeared in the web entertainment'Fake Man' Season 2, has miscarried.

On the 20th, the global security and tactical consulting company Musat opened a statement on its official Instagram, saying, "We will deliver a secret on behalf of Logan's family."

“The wife of Instructor Logan, the'Fake Man', was suffering from extreme stress due to the spread of malicious comments and false facts recently, and she sent her precious life to the sky. I express my deep condolences.”

He emphasized that "Musat will be severely punished for all parties who contributed to the cause, and will respond strongly to the spread of false information and false rumors against Musat and others."

Earlier, Logan was engulfed in various controversies such as sexual scandal and leaked body cam fishing due to the exposure of YouTuber actor Jung.

In response, Logan appealed, "Because of the numerous misconduct arising from Jung's irresponsible broadcast, my wife, who is pregnant than me, is suffering enough to show signs of miscarriage due to stress."

In addition, regarding Mommcam phishing, he announced that he would ask Jung for civil and criminal responsibility.

[News Inside reporter Kim Hee-sun news@newsinside.kr]

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