'Bronze Dream 2'Jun Jin-Ryu Seo, why was the wedding held without fathers?
'Bronze Dream 2'Jun Jin-Ryu Seo, why was the wedding held without fathers?
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The wedding of Shinhwa's member Jeon Jin and his wife Ryu I-seo was unveiled on SBS'Statue Dream 2'aired on the 19th/Photo = SBS'Statue Dream 2'broadcast capture
The wedding of Shinhwa's member Jeon-jin and his wife, Ryu I-seo, was revealed on SBS'Imong the Statue 2'aired on the 19th/Photo = SBS'Imong the Statue 2'

Jeon Jin-Ryu Seo, who had a relationship with the couple, rang a wedding ceremony in the absence of their fathers.

The wedding scene of the couple Junjin-Ryuseo, which was held last month, was revealed in SBS'Bronze Dream 2-You are My Destiny', which aired on the 19th.

Jeonjin met his wife, Liu Yi-seo, who entered alone without a father, crossed arms together and walked the rest of the Virgin Road.

When MC Kim Sook wondered why, Jeonjin said, "It's been more than 6 years, but my father-in-law passed away from a chronic disease." "He told the back story.

He said, "The thoughts that I heard back then, I sometimes play games like my son, but I thought I had to become a husband who took the place of my father."

In fact, Jeon Jin also married without a father. As announced on the broadcast last week, he had new mothers without a real mother, and was raised by grandmothers and aunts. However, my beloved grandmother has already left for heaven.

Jeonjin had a father famous as Charlie Park, but he couldn't find it at the wedding that day. Charlie Park once worked as a singer with his son, but is now known to be struggling with spinal stenosis and stroke sequelae.

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