Jeon Young-rok and Kim Hee-ae'Don't Forget Me' Gift “I gave 100,000 won”
Jeon Young-rok and Kim Hee-ae'Don't Forget Me' Gift “I gave 100,000 won”
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Youngrok Jeon/Photo = MBC
Youngrok Jeon/Photo = MBC

Jeon Youngrok appeared on the radio broadcast.

On the 19th, singer Jeon Young-rok appeared as a guest in MBC Standard FM'Jeong Sun-hee, Moon Chun-sik's Now is the Radio Age'.

After making a full-scale debut as a singer in 1975, Jeon Young-rok had a heyday, making his name known as a youth star and taking on the protagonists of youth films with Lim Ye-jin and Kim Bo-yeon. Enjoying popularity throughout the 1980s, Jeon Young-rok made hits such as'Please write love with a pencil','It looks like it's still a dark night', and'Fire tea'.

In addition, he wrote and composed songs by other singers as a singer-songwriter. It is a song composed by Jeon Young-rok,'Love is like rain outside the window' by Kim Ji-ae,'A nasty person' and'Yang Su-kyung's. Jeon Young-rok said on the radio that it was the best song among the songs presented by Kim Hee-ae's'Don't Forget Me' in response to the reaction that he might have built several buildings with copyright fees.

“It was a big hit, so the record company gave me 100,000 won to thank. About 20 bowls of Seolleongtang.” When Jeong Seon-hee said, “Have you got that all?” Jeon Young-rok said, “It was the tyranny of the broadcasting station. At that time, MCs and DJs sang. That's why I gave it as a gift.”

Meanwhile, Jeon Young-rok once married actor Lee Mi-young, but divorced. Seulha's daughter Jeon Bo-ram was a member of Tiara, and her second daughter Jeon Woo-ram was also a vocal for FIVE RUN STRIKE from D-Unit.

[News Inside reporter Kim Hye-mi]

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