'Miwoobird' Bae Jeong-nam "The grandmother of a boarding house found after 20 years, died last year"
'Miwoobird' Bae Jeong-nam "The grandmother of a boarding house found after 20 years, died last year"
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Bae Jeong-nam, Lee Won-hee, and Cha Sun-nam grandmother/ Photo = SBS'My Ugly Little Boy'

Bae Jeong-nam visited a temple in Uiryeong, Gyeongnam, where the grandmother Cha Soon-nam, who died with Lee Sang-hee, was enshrined.

The relationship between Bae Bae and Soon-Nam Cha was drawn in SBS's'My Ugly Cub' (Miwoo Bird), which aired on the 18th.

In 2018's'Miwoo Bird', the reunion of Bae Bae Bae, the owner of the boarding house, and the grandmother Cha Soon-nam was introduced. Bae Jeong-nam had to stay at her grandmother's house from the third grade of elementary school after breaking up with her parents at a young age. The grandmother, who was found after 20 years, died suddenly at the end of last year.

Bae Jeong-nam prepared chrysanthemum flowers, Korean sweets, and shoes. He said, "I thought my grandmother was a little bit more real, but he died suddenly."

Shin Dong-yeop said that Bae Jeong-nam often visited her grandmother even after the broadcast. Bae Bae-nam recalled, "I have lived with my grandmother for 7 years. This is the longest living person in my life." Bae Jeong-nam, who left his grandmother's house and lived on his own in a single room by the trainway, said that Jajang ramen was the staple food. He confessed, "I delivered newspapers when I was in 6th grade. I also picked up a lot of empty bottles and sold them."

Bae Bae-nam, who was always lonely, added, "When I was young, I covered my blankets and cried. I was sleeping alone and dreaming of a scary dream and my grandmother hugged me."

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