'Donkey ears' Hyun Joo-yeop 175 degrees in oil to make'tempura flowers'...
'Donkey ears' Hyun Joo-yeop 175 degrees in oil to make'tempura flowers'...
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Hyun Joo-yeop, Jung Ho-young, Park Gwang-jae/ Photo = KBS2'The boss's ears are donkey ears' capture

Hyun Joo-yeop challenged the technique of making'tempura flowers' in which he put his hands in oil boiling at 175 degrees.

In KBS2's'President's Ears, Donkey Ears', which aired on the 18th, the appearances of Joo-yeop Hyun and Gwang-jae Park, who were used as assistant chefs for the YouTube shooting of Chef Ho-young Jung, were drawn.

On this day, chef Ho-young Chung made deep-fried silver garfish and emphasized, "If you cook and order pushes, your hand may go in first instead of tongs. It is said to bloom, but beginners can be dangerous. A technique that everyone should not follow."

Jung Ho-young said, "You should not just drop the fried clothes when making flowers. You have to dipped your fingertips and then come out."

Suddenly, Hyun Joo-yeop said, "Hyung, try it once" and transferred the skill. Hyun Joo-yeop succeeded in making fried flowers by putting the tips of his fingers in oil after being scared for a while.

Jung Ho-young emphasized again that "Hyung Joo-yeop hyung did it because his hand was thick," and "Don't follow the viewers."

On this day, Hyun Joo-yeop satisfies Chef Ho-young Chung by eating not only fried silver garfish, but also fried beef, calcium pasta with anchovies, roe pasta, sea urchin al pasta, truffle carpaccio, and grilled Jeju octopus.

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