'What are you doing when you play?'
'What are you doing when you play?'
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Hyori Lee, Jongmin Kim / Photo =
Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Jong-min/ Photo = MBC'What do you do when you play?' Capture

Kim Jong-min was impressed by the birthday present of Lee Hyo-ri, the same age group.

On the afternoon of the 17th, MBC's'What do you do when you play?' shows the appearance of the refund expedition preparing for the debut stage and the staff of New Park Planning.

On that day, Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae-seok) had a meeting with Man-ok (Um Jeong-hwa), Cheon-ok (Lee Hyo-ri), Eun-bi (Jesie), and Silbi (Hwasa) of the refund expedition. Yoo Jae-seok asked Lee Hyo-ri, "You said you gave Chi-seop a gift?" Lee Hyori replied, "I gave it because it was my birthday. I gave Yangju 30 years old."

Kim Jong-min expressed his gratitude, saying, "I never told you (it's my birthday), but I took care of a gift. I also wrote a handwritten letter." Kim Jong-min showed the birthday message Lee Hyo-ri gave and added, "It was very touching."

In the handwritten letter,'to Chi-seop. Livestock. Drink well. There was a concise phrase called'Cheonok'. Kim Jong-min said, "I'm impressed. I knew I wouldn't even say this," and laughed.

Lee Hyori said, "Because it was before makeup, I wasn't Cheonok at that time. I'm a secretly warm woman," he said, "how short, impact, and concise?"

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