Block B's Park Kyung, academy admits "I want to visit and apologize"...
Block B's Park Kyung, academy admits "I want to visit and apologize"...
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박경/Photo = Parkkyung Instagram
박경/Photo = Parkkyung Instagram

Block B member Park Kyung admitted to the suspicion of abusing.

On the 29th, Park Kyung acknowledged the suspicion of abuse and expressed an apology. Through social media, Park Kyung said, "I sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt by me and to those who have been hurt by memories of the past as they see me even today."

In addition, he said that he wanted to visit himself and ask for forgiveness. “After encountering this incident, I am afraid that I will think that I was a different person in front and behind or that it was both pretense and acting.” I thought I would be more embarrassed, so I wrote this myself.”

Earlier, a netizen said through social media that Mr. A was subjected to school violence by Park Kyung. In particular, Park Kyung went around with the Iljins and took away the money and belongings of his friends. “It was a scarier existence for weak children. I hit my friends with disabilities, especially my juniors rather than my classmates, and among my classmates, I picked and hit only those who were the smallest or the weakest.”

He also complained of pain, saying, “Recently, the image of a righteous and gentleman and the image of trusting a large Iljin friend when attending school and stealing money and harassing them overlapped, and the damage I suffered came to mind.”

The reason why the controversy over Park Kyung-hak was even more shocking to fans is because of his exemplary image. Park Kyung became a Mensa member on October 4, 2016, and became the first Mensa member of an idol. As a result, he made a fixed appearance on tvN'Problem Man' and played an active part as being called'Brain Yomi' among the hyungs.

Park Kyung-eun, who went to New Zealand to study abroad in high school, later returned to Korea to start her entertainment career. Last year, Park Kyung directly mentioned and sniped the real names of singers who were suspected of buying music, and received hot support from idol fans.

[News Inside reporter Kim Hye-mi]

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