BTS, comeback on November 20 with new song'BE'... Put it on top of Corona 19 [Official]
BTS, comeback on November 20 with new song'BE'... Put it on top of Corona 19 [Official]
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Group BTS will return with their new album'BE' on November 20th.

According to a report by the Korea Economic Daily on the 28th, BTS announced the release of'BE (Deluxe Edition)' through the global official fan community BTS Weverse and BTS' official Twitter at 0:00 (Korean time) on this day.

'BE' is the story of BTS that "our life continues even in new daily life" brought by Corona 19, and is an album containing consolation for fans and the world around the world.

BTS, which has unveiled the process of working on a new album through YouTube's official channel'BANGTANTV', is getting more attention as it is said to have participated in the overall album production from not only music but also concept, composition, and design.

Big Hit Entertainment said, "In'BE', you can find traces of thoughts, emotions, and troubles that BTS felt in the process of preparing this album. It provides a more enriched musical spectrum and provides the most BTS-like music. It will be an album containing."

'BE', which will be released simultaneously around the world at 2 pm on November 20th, will be produced only for the first time, and will be produced by pre-order production for each vendor.

Pre-orders are available from 11 am on September 28th.

Meanwhile, BTS will hold an online concert'BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E' for two days from October 10-11.

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