Lee Dong-hee and the blind date Soo-hee, who already knew?..Along with the movie'Angry Lawyer'
Lee Dong-hee and the blind date Soo-hee, who already knew?..Along with the movie'Angry Lawyer'
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Photo = Movie
Still cut of the movie'Angry Lawyer' / Photo = Provided by CJ Entertainment

Actor Lee Sang-hee had a blind date with English instructor Soo-hee, but the two were known as spherical.

On the 27th aired on SBS'My Ugly Cub' (Miwoo Bird), Lee Sang-hee was depicted on a blind date with Soo-hee Soo-hee, a model and actor, with Bae Bae Nam’s arrangement. After the broadcast, his high interest in blind date was reflected on the web as it was, and'Won-hee Lim' and'So-hee Hwang' were ranked at the top of real-time search terms.

However, it has been revealed that Lee Min-hee and Soo-Hee Soo-hee have already appeared together in the movie'Angry Attorney', which was released in 2015.

In this film, Soohee Soo-hee took on the role of putting Lee Seon-gyun, who played the role of a lawyer in the play, into a corner. Lee Min-hee appeared as Lee Sun-gyun's secretary. There is a scene in which Lee Sang-hee and Soo-hee Soo appear together.

Because of this, netizens' gaze toward the program and the performers after the broadcast is not good. Some netizens are leaving multiple comments on Soohee's Instagram. As of the 28th morning on Instagram post on Soo-hee Soo-hee, "You said you appeared in the same movie as Executive Hee, who was introduced, right?" Comments such as "I don't really want to date but why did I come out ㅠ" "I'm an actor because I have a age difference.

Model and actor Soohee Soo, from Ewha Womans University's Sociology Department, is the daughter of Lee Hye-kyung, CEO of Orbis International Fashion. He was active in broadcasts and movies until 2018. According to the broadcast of'Miwoosae' on the 27th, we are currently preparing an English instructor.

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