'Zombie Detective' Zombie Choi Jin-hyuk X Human Park Joo-Hyun, start together in earnest.. Why did you meet at a singles home?
'Zombie Detective' Zombie Choi Jin-hyuk X Human Park Joo-Hyun, start together in earnest.. Why did you meet at a singles home?
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Photo = KBS2'Zombie Detective'
Jinhyuk Choi, Joohyun Park / Photo = KBS2'Zombie Detective'

Choi Jin-hyuk and Park Joo-hyun, standing face to face in front of the mysterious singles, were captured.

In the 3rd episode of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday entertainment drama'Zombie Detective' (played by Eunjin Baek, directed by Jaehyun Sim, and produced by Rae Mongraein), broadcast at 9:30 pm on the 28th,'Zombie' Kim Moo-young (Choi Jin-hyuk) and'Human' Gong Sun-ji (Park Joo-hyun) A full-fledged symbiosis story begins.

The shocking encounter between Kim Moo-young, who accidentally became a detective after obtaining the identity of a mysteriously murdered man in the last broadcast, and Gong Seon-ji, who misunderstood him as a pervert, who was being asked for an investigation by children, struck a ``helmet head shot'' focused the attention of the home theater. Made it. In'Zombie Life', where you don't know where to jump, the feast of characters that are united with humanity and comics captivated all ages, raising immersion and interest.

On the other hand, Kim Moo-young, who was revived as a ``penniless'' and suffered from life hardships, visited Gongseonji to obtain a settlement money, and he accidentally witnessed and saved her being drunk and kidnapped by believers. Next, when he saw Kong Seon-ji chanting "warm" while leaning against the cold chest of a zombie whose heart stopped, he announced the beginning of a strangely intertwined relationship with his embarrassing figure.

Meanwhile, the appearance of Kim Moo-young and Gong Seon-ji, facing each other more comfortably, catches the eye. Kim Moo-young was busy avoiding Gong Seon-ji's scary rush, calling'Kang Da-gu' as'shit'. However, unlike before, they are having a conversation as if they are alert, suggesting that the two are getting closer.

In particular, Gong Seon-ji and Kim Moo-young's eyes are captivating with a bright expression, showing the flyers of Fasting Institute's'Property Diet'. As if persuaded by her, the figure of Moo-young Kim heading for a fasting home in the woods following the mysterious people, stimulates curiosity as to why a zombie who does not need diet or anything else has come on the road.

The chemistry of Choi Jin-hyuk, who has been reborn as an unexpected'diet' zombie, and Park Joo-hyun, a'human' who trains him freely, can be seen in the 3rd episode of KBS2's monthly TV drama'Zombie Detective', which airs at 9:30 pm on the 28th.

Meanwhile,'Zombie Detective' is the first original content collaborated by terrestrial-OTT-IPTV, and it was jointly produced and invested by three companies, KBS, Wave, and SK Broadband. Every Saturday, the second episode is released exclusively on Wave and B TV, followed by KBS on Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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