'Youth Record' Park Bo-gum continues to challenge even if casting is lost.. Production crew "Find an opportunity to overturn everything"
'Youth Record' Park Bo-gum continues to challenge even if casting is lost.. Production crew "Find an opportunity to overturn everything"
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Photo = tvN'Youth Record'
Photo = tvN'Youth Record'

Park Bo-gum's dazzling challenge continues.

On the 27th, tvN's Monday and Tuesday drama'Youth Records' side raised expectations by revealing the appearance of Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum), who took another challenge, overcome the pain of casting failure.

Sa Hye-jun, who seemed to be opening a flower road in the last broadcast, took a break. The drama casting was destroyed by the scheme of former agency representative Lee Tae-soo (Lee Chang-hoon). I did not show disappointment to Lee Min-jae (played by Shin Dong-mi) who blamed himself, but it was a shock and a difficult reality for Sa Hye-jun.

The appearance of Sa Hye-jun, who suffocates as if pouring out anxiety, made even the viewers feel dizzy. It was Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam) who comforted Sa Hye-jun. Ahn Jung-ha, who is able to feel pure happiness, escaping the reality that binds herself under the name of a dream. The sweet kiss ending that conveyed Sa Hye-jun's heart increased the excitement by adding a sense of feeling.

Sa Hye-joon began to show her presence as an actor with her talent and effort shining. He is ready to overcome any obstacles, and expectations are on his way. In the meantime, the released photo contains the appearance of Sa Hye-jun who auditioned for the work of looking for an actor from a model.

Unlike Sa Hye-jun, who calmly talks about the role, the manager Lee Min-jae is very nervous. In the following photos, the appearance of Sa Hye-jun and Lee Min-jae were also caught playing a tumult over the next work. The firework briefing of Lee Min-jae, who has finished preparing to persuade Sa Hye-jun, is unusual.

The script'The Return of the King' placed in front of Sa Hye-jun, who listens to the story seriously, also stimulates curiosity. Sa Hye-jun raises the curiosity of what kind of work he will choose, and whether he will be able to feed Lee Tae-soo with cider.

In this week's broadcast, the youth who met a new option are drawn. Here, you can also meet the sweet and thrilling moments of Sa Hye-jun and Ahn Jung-ha who entered the full-fledged dating mode.

The production crew of'Youth Records' said, “Soshin youth Sa Hye-jun's challenge does not stop. “The opportunity to overturn everything will come,” he said. “You can expect refreshing cider.”

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