'Five! Samkwang Villa' Lee Jang-Woo-Boo Seok Rich, roaring toward each other'Goals of deep conflict'.. Rating '23%'
'Five! Samkwang Villa' Lee Jang-Woo-Boo Seok Rich, roaring toward each other'Goals of deep conflict'.. Rating '23%'
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Photo = KBS'Oh! Samkwang Villa' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS'Oh! Samkwang Villa' broadcast capture

'Five! Samgwang Villa!' gradually revealed the link of conflict between the characters and completed an unobtrusive development. In particular, Lee Jang-woo-Boo Seok-seok, who had a deeper conflict than expected, vomited a lion's heart toward each other.

KBS 2TV weekend drama'Oh! Samgwang Villa!' (playplay Yoon Kyung-ah, director Hong Seok-gu, production production H, Monster Union) recorded 23% viewership (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on households nationwide).

Lee Bit Chae-woon (Jin Ki-ju), who went to LX Fashion's representative Kim Jeong-won (Hwang Shin-hye) to clarify the allegations of plagiarism in the contest that day, regained consciousness and talked about the ``unfair frame''. It is unfair that the work developed with the motifs of what he has studied since junior high school is surrounded by suspicion of plagiarism. In spite of the cold garden's attitude, he asked for "justification for plagiarism judgment," saying, "It is unfair to report only the results without presenting convincing evidence." At the same time, embarrassment and excitement passed by on the face of the garden at Bit Chaewoon's bold attitude.

First, Jung-won asked his daughter and head of the company, Jang Seo-ah (Han Bo-reum) about the cancellation of the election. In response to Seo-a's suspicious reaction, she noticed that the cancellation of the election was not due to plagiarism, and she urged Seo-a, asking who is Bit Chae-woon. In response, Seo-a gave a shocking answer, saying, "I was a kid who dropped out after harassing me in middle school." This reveals that the bad relationship between Bit Chae-woon and Seo-a began a long time ago.

Jung-won tried to solve the problem of cancellation of the election by Seo-a while reading through her daughter who had collapsed. Even though he presented evidence of plagiarism suspicion to Bit Chae-woon, and did not formalize it and guaranteed the opportunity to apply for the next contest, he felt uncomfortable in every corner of his heart. Bit Chae-woon's desperate and honest spirit to be recognized for her innocence touched the heart of the garden, and her talent for feeling similar to her own works was a waste. So, I proposed an unplanned'internship'. Even after knowing the bad relationship with her daughter, the appearance of the garden, which was constantly attracted to Bit Chae-woon, stimulated viewers' interest.

Meanwhile, the mother Lee Soon-jung (Jeon In-hwa), who heard the news of Bit Chae-woon's cancellation of the election, was also unable to remain still. With her daughter's study notebook, she went to LX Fashion and asked the desk staff to meet the person in charge. Chaewoon Bit, who saw this, put a dagger in her mother's heart, saying, "The desk staff couldn't convince a single person, but what should I do, get treated as an idiot?" Still, Soonjung did not get angry once. I was okay, don't mind, smiled brightly. It was just a pity for my daughter, who would have struggled with the cancellation of the election. Like an idiot, the viewers were bound to cry in tears as well as the light filled in her heart for only her children.

On the way to the tattered house, Bit Chae-woon received the result of a genetic test from the nursery that indicated that he was not a parent-child relationship with Choi Young-sook (Ye-jin Lim), and at the last phone call with Young-sook, he learned an unexpected fact. When Youngsook visited Samgwang Villa, he spoke with Soonjung. It was only now that Vit Chae-woon realized that his mother pretended not to know that he was looking for his biological parents. I felt like I was hit in the head. I tilted my glass to soothe my confused mind, but no matter how much bitter I drank, it didn't hurt my mother's guilt.

In the broadcast that day, the goal of the deep conflict between Woo Jae-hee (Lee Jang-woo) and Woo Woo Woo (Jeong Seok) was revealed. These were already'overs' since their son Jae-hee was 19 years old. It was the result of Jeong-hoo, who pretended not to take any of his money, saying that he was not a child like you, and Jae-hee, who did not give in and left the house in a panty wind on a cold winter day. It was Jae-hee, who kept kicking the shin and avoided confrontation with his father, but his mother Jung Min-jae (Jinkyung) collapsed because of his father and exploded the anger he had endured. Jaehee dragged his father out of the emergency room and asked him to return home, but Junghoo stubbornly refused. The two, who could not narrow down their opinions, roared toward each other, and the goal of the conflict deepened.

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