'The point of omniscient intervention' Oh My Girl, the ever-class comedy instinct'The reverse charm of innocent stone'
'The point of omniscient intervention' Oh My Girl, the ever-class comedy instinct'The reverse charm of innocent stone'
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Photo = MBC ‘Point of Omniscient Intervention’ broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'Point of Omniscient Interference' broadcast capture

'The point of omniscience meditation' Oh My Girl unfolded an ever-class gag instinct.

In episode 123 of MBC's'All-in-One Intervention' (Planning Park Jeong-gyu / Director Noh Si-yong, Chae Hyun-seok / hereinafter'The Battle of Participation') broadcast on September 26th, Oh My Girl's daily life of transcendence of imagination completely captivated viewers.

On this day, Oh My Girl's manager added, "The members are famous for their innocence, but they are peculiar friends, so I am worried that viewers will be surprised." Oh My Girl's daily life, which was released afterwards, was truly a series of surprises, as the manager suggested.

Most of all, the suspicious self-catering life of the members, not the hostel, attracted attention. The members who came out of the hostel and started independent lives were living in the same building while searching for a house by selling their feet together. The trace life as if watching a youth sitcom of Arin, Beanie, Mimi and Seunghee attracted attention.

In particular, the different lives of the four members drew attention. As soon as Arin woke up in the morning, she yawned infinitely, while Seunghee dried her hair in the sink, making her laugh. As soon as Mimi opened her eyes, she drew attention, while Beanie drew attention with her skillful cooking skills and keen interest in Korean history.

The members who had a four-color breakfast for 4 people gathered at Beanie's house of'Oh My Girl's Official Mom' and enjoyed a kimchi stew and egg rolled meal. Following that, as soon as the four members gathered, they surprised the MCs with the extreme comical synergy that they could not handle. Seunghee held a guitar and showed Park Jinyoung's vocal reproduction, and Arin filmed it with a correction app to create a comical situation and devastated the studio.

The members gave a big smile bursting with decibels and tension that rises endlessly even on their way to work. The innocent charms of innocence are too funny to be seen and incredible. In response, Oh My Girl's manager confessed, "The company is worried because it is noisy even with only two members." However, Oh My Girl's contending explosive energy did not end here. The members made even the MCs laugh in reality with an extraordinary comic game called'Speaking in a funny way' in the waiting room.

On the other hand, Jesse, who warmed up the portal site with anti-war aegyo last week, gave warmth with a feeling full of emotion on this day. Jesse shed tears in a storm when she saw the manager decorating the stage video for'STAR' with family photos. 'STAR' is a song about the autobiographical story of Jesse, who struggled for a dream in Korea apart from his family.

The manager said, “Jessie's sister misses her a lot and is sad because she can't see her family because of the current situation. Nevertheless, I had a sense of responsibility to be patient,” he said about Jesse's deep side. Jessie said, “Mom, thank you for raising me strong. You don't have to worry about it now,” he cried and colored the studio with tears. Jesse's full of humanity, hidden behind the image of Sen's sister, was deeply moved beyond TV and to the viewers who watched it in the home.

On the other hand, according to the audience rating research agency Nielsen Korea, 123 episodes of'Exhibition Participation' recorded 6.1% (2nd part) audience rating based on the metropolitan area, ranking first among entertainment programs in the same time period. The 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator of advertising officials and measures channel competitiveness, was 3.6% (Part 2), ranking first in the same time zone for 19 consecutive weeks, and the highest viewership rating per minute rose to 7%. MBC's'Point of Omniscient Intervention' is broadcast every Saturday at 11:10 pm.

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