'Alice' Joo-won, Kim Sang-ho was the culprit?
'Alice' Joo-won, Kim Sang-ho was the culprit?
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Photo = SBS'Alice' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Alice' broadcast capture

'Alice' ranked first in the overall ratings of all channels and miniseries at the same time.

In the 10th episode of the SBS Friday and Saturday drama'Alice' (played by Kyu-won Kim, Chul-gyu, Kim Ga-young/directed Baek Soo-chan/production studio S/investment wavve), which aired on September 26, Park Jin-gyeom (played by Joo Won) believed and followed the suspicion of Ko Hyeong-seok (played by Kim Sang-ho). After confirming his progress, he was drawn in a dilemma. Then, as Park Jin-gyeom witnessed the killer at the ending, viewers' tension and curiosity soared whether the killer was really Ko Hyeong-seok. On this day, the broadcast was ranked 1st in all channels and 1st in miniseries integrated audience ratings at 8.9% (part 2) in the metropolitan area. At the moment, the highest audience rating soared to 9.6%. (Nielsen Korea)

The broadcast on this day started from the moment Yoon Tae-i (played by Kim Hee-sun) collapsed due to a side effect of time travel. At that time, Yoo Min-hyuk (Kwak Si-yang) appeared in front of the surprised Park Jin-gyeom. Previously, Yoo Min-hyuk confirmed that Park Jin-gyeom was his biological son. Yoo Min-hyuk hurriedly handed Yoon Tae-i the necessary medicine. However, Park Jin-gyeom still could not raise doubts about Yoo Min-hyuk. Yoo Min-hyuk turned around without telling the truth to Park Jin-gyeom because of guilt.

Yoon Tae-i woke up the next day and asked Jin-gyeom Park for a bucket list. After traveling back in time to 2021, Yoon Tae-i, knowing that Park Jin-gyeom would soon die, tried to somehow prevent Park Jin-gyeom's death. Yoon Tae-i shouted to Park Jin-gyeom to stop pursuing the culprit who killed her mother, and then Park Jin-gyeom died. However, Park Jin-gyeom could not give up. This is because for 10 years, she has been chasing only the killer who killed her mother.

Meanwhile, Lee Se-hoon (Park In-soo), who was released from the prison, contacted Park Jin-gyeom. Park Jin-gyeom's mother Park Seon-young (played by Kim Hee-sun) was asked to protect his own safety, saying he knew the killer. At the same time, Yoo Min-hyuk also pressed Oh Si-young (played by Hwang Seung-eon) to find out the location of Lee Se-hoon. While Yoo Min-hyuk arrived one step earlier than Park Jin-gyeom, Lee Se-hoon had already died. Park Jin-gyeom misunderstood Yoo Min-hyuk as the culprit. Eventually, after a struggle, Yoo Min-hyuk turned around.

Afterwards, a video in front of the inn where Lee Se-hoon died was secured. Ko Hyungseok was contained in the video. This was the same as the video in the USB that Yoon Tae-i, who had previously traveled in time to 2021, brought from Park Jin-gyeom's relics. Yoon Tae-i grew suspicion about Ko Hyeong-seok, and Park Jin-gyeom also became suspicious. However, Park Jin-gyeom could not say anything at the meeting with Ko Hyeong-seok. For Park Jin-gyeom, Ko Hyeong-seok was the same person as his father.

So Park Jin-gyeom discarded the USB containing Ko Hyeong-seok's suspicious deeds. At that time, the location of Seok Oh-won was identified. Park Jin-gyeom ran there and found Ko Hyeong-seok's car. Then, we headed to the dark warehouse near Ko Hyung-seok's car. Park Jin-gyeom, who opened the door carefully, was surprised to find something. Was it really Hyung-seok Ko, the culprit that Park Jin-gyeom saw? The tenth episode of'Alice' ended with tensions soaring to a record level.

On this day, the stories of people who want to protect important people touched heartily. Yoon Tae-i, who wants to somehow save Park Jin-gyeom, Yoo Min-hyuk, who knows that Park Jin-gyeom is a son, and Park Jin-gyeom, who are struggling to overcome the suspicion while suspicious of Ko Hyeong-seok, who is like his father. Human code in a science fiction drama knocked viewers' hearts and raised their immersion. The strength of the human SF drama'Alice' was only 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, the 11th and 12th episodes of SBS Friday and Saturday drama'Alice' will be released for the Chuseok holiday next week. The 11th episode of'Alice' will be aired at 10:00 pm on Friday, October 9. It will also be released exclusively online on the OTT platform wavve.

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