Kim Ho-jung → Jung Mi-ae, omnibus'family' unveiled...
Kim Ho-jung → Jung Mi-ae, omnibus'family' unveiled...
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Family omnibus album/photo = entertainment that shows thoughts

The omnibus album'Family' with singers from'Tvarotti' Kim Ho-joong was released.

At 6 pm on the 26th, the omnibus album'Family' was released, in which artists belonging to entertainment who show their thoughts through each sound source site participated.

'Family' is an album with Kim Ho-jung, Soyeon, Han Hyejin, Jung Miae, Kim Soyu, Youngki, Ahn Seonghun, Han Taewoong, and Huniyong, together with a total of 24 songs.

In a press release on the 26th, the agency said, "We have improved the degree of completion with different styles and arrangements for each track," and "It consists of rich genres such as Danstrot, authentic trot, old trot, ballad, etc. It boasts a fruitful composition that stands out with its charm. Artists are going to release sticky feelings and chemistry through this album," raising expectations.

Lee Seong-kwon, CEO of Plush Media, a professional OST production company, participated in the production and the best sessionmen were together, the agency added.

Meanwhile, on the 10th, Kim Ho-jung began working as a social worker at a welfare facility under the Seocho-gu Office in Seoul.

[News Inside Reporter Jeong Yong-in]

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