'On & Off' Kim Wan-seon'Zipcock' daily release...Cat + 10 nutrients + 3 minutes curry
'On & Off' Kim Wan-seon'Zipcock' daily release...Cat + 10 nutrients + 3 minutes curry
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Kim Wan-seon/ Photo =
Kim Wan-seon/ Photo = tvN'On and Off' capture

Kim Wan-seon revealed his life.

On the 26th aired on tvN'On and Off', private documentaries of singers Kim Wan-sun, Seong Si-kyung, and Kim Dong-wan were released.

Wan-seon Kim said, "The house is my universe," and said that it was the order of the house. In the house decorated to Kim Wan-seon's taste, there were no doors and sills, and all the spaces were connected. Kim Wan-seon said, "Because I live alone, I don't need a door. I feel different."

Kim Wan-seon, who got out of bed after 1 pm, listened to BTS''Dynamite' and prepared cat food. He was a cat butler with 5 cats. He said, "I like old music and songs these days. I envy BTS the most."

Kim Wan-seon, who gave the cat food and nutritional supplements, took her own supplements. Seong Si-kyung and Jo Se-ho sympathized with the appearance of 10 types of nutritional supplements. However, unlike nutritional love, the diet was 3 minutes curry.

Kim Wan-seon said, "I like anything I do with my hands. I like drawing and making, but I'm not very interested in cooking. I have too much work to do for the amount I eat," he said.

Kim Wan-seon danced until the cooking was finished, and even after finishing the food, he danced. Then Seong Si-kyung said, "Aren't you drinking alcohol?" Meanwhile, Kim Wan-seon was born in 1969 and is 51 years old this year.

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