'Baekbangihaeng' Heo Youngman, Seocho Anchovy Ssambap “Masan-style Fresh Anchovy Ssam”
'Baekbangihaeng' Heo Youngman, Seocho Anchovy Ssambap “Masan-style Fresh Anchovy Ssam”
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Seocho anchovy ssambap appeared in'Alumni Travel'

Heo Young-man's visit to an anchovy ssambap restaurant in Seocho was depicted on TV Chosun's'Sikgaek Heo Young-man's Alumni Tour.

Heo Young-man, who visited Seocho alone on this day, paid attention to the anchovy ssambap restaurant among many shops. Before entering the store, Heo Young-man said, “There is a fresh anchovy ssambap restaurant,” and expressed his expectation as “my favorite food”.

However, the boss said he was a Gyeongsang-do person, and showed concern that the food might not fit Heo Young's mouth. However, Heo Youngman ordered anchovy ssambap. When he said that anchovy was added to the soybean paste, Heo Young-man said, "Definitely, the way each region eats it is different."

This is a restaurant that has been sticking to Masan-style raw anchovy wraps for 30 years in Seocho alone.

[News Inside reporter Kim Hye-mi news@newsinside.kr]

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