Kim Chang-suk, her younger husband who is deceived by her age
Kim Chang-suk, her younger husband who is deceived by her age
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Actor Kim Chang-suk appears in'Sikgaek Heo Youngman's Alumni Travel'.

Actor Kim Chang-suk will appear on TV CHOSUN'Sikgaek Heo Young-man's alumni journey' that airs on the 25th.

Born in 1949, Kim Chang-sook is 71 this year. Kim Chang-sook, who debuted as a public recruitment talent in the 5th TBC, has appeared in numerous dramas. In the past, it has been loved by many fans, such as working as an MC for SBS'Live Broadcasting Happiness' for a long time.

However, since'I love you again' in 2016, there has been no such activity. Such Kim Chang-suk appeared in'Modern Family' last February and proved an explosive topic. Park Won-sook expressed his gratitude to Kim Chang-suk, who readily lent money to him, when he was suffering from living so much that a loan shark came to the broadcasting station.

He also confessed that he made his debut in the entertainment industry through a CF director who was an acquaintance's uncle. After marrying her husband, Kim Chang-suk has a good family. Through SBS'Good Morning', Kim Chang-suk said, "My husband was my friend's brother's friend." However, after getting married, I looked at her husband's ID card and asked,'It was wrong.'”

[News Inside reporter Kim Hye-mi]

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