'Youth Documentary Again Twenty' 2 episodes..."
'Youth Documentary Again Twenty' 2 episodes..."
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Go Ion-Yun Eun-hye-Share/Photo ='Youth Documentary Again Twenty' preview video capture

The second episode of'Youth Documentary Twenty Again' was released.

In the released trailer, cast members such as Gong Gong, Yun Eun-hye, and Kim Dong-wook answered the question "What is a coffee prince for me?"

Yun Eun-hye replied that it was "a work that cannot be left out," and Chae Jung-an replied "Hwa-yang softening".

Kim Dong-wook drew attention by answering "first love". However, Lee Sun-gyun replied coolly, "It's just summer 2007."

Gong replied, "It is the record of my youth, which was the hottest, and the constant summer."

In the next broadcast, Ian, the only coffee prince who couldn't come to his seat, was illuminated, and the cast showed regrets as they missed him.

He left the world early at the age of 28 in a motorcycle accident, and after the drama ended, the time I spent with him was short, so it was more regretful.

On the other hand,'Youth Documentary Again Twenty 2'will be broadcast on October 1.

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