[NI Card News] Handsome Star While Going Back
[NI Card News] Handsome Star While Going Back
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Are you okay? When I search because I want to, I introduce male actors while giving frustration as if I was the only one who was my father and my age.

◆ Kim Young-min (48 years old)

Actor Kim Young-min was born in 1971 as a playboy who can't be hated in'Couple World'. Looking at his face, he seems to believe that he was born in 1981, and he is the strongest person in appearance during his 50s.

◆ Jang Seung-jo (38 years old)

Jang Seung-jo, an actor and husband of Lin-A's Cheon Sang Ji-hee, has entered her 40s as of 2020. However, thanks to his big eyes and sad appearance, he can only be seen in his late twenties and early thirties.

◆ Kim Dong-wook (age 37)

Is it because of the cute and handsome image of'Coffee Prince'?Actor Kim Dong-wook is still like a young prince. It was said that there were times when the appearance of a child was stress, so it doesn't seem like a good look for a while.

◆ Lim Ji-gyu (42 years old)

Actor Ji-gyu Lim is the owner of a pace as much as Jang Na-ra, who appeared in the drama'Confessions'. Even though he looks unbelievable to be in his 40s, he is the head of a family with a son under his son.

◆ Woosik Choi (aged 30)

Choi Woo-sik is like his cute little brother. As soon as he enters his 30s, many people mistake him for being a college student thanks to his unique naive image. However, he is a man among men who has a height of 181cm.

◆ Samuel L. Jackson (72 years old)

World-renowned Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson was born in 1948. Black people look younger than their age thanks to their unique plump skin, but it's a shocking fact that that face is in their 70s.

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