Young-joon Choi, the ``poor rich man'', directs sales of wild seafood
Young-joon Choi, the ``poor rich man'', directs sales of wild seafood
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Choi Young-joon appeared in the ‘Chapter Rich Man’.

On the 22nd aired on the 22nd, Channel A's'Western Gapbu' appeared in Gyeongsangbuk-do's east coast.

Photo=Channel A'Corporate Rich Man'
Photo=Channel A'Corporate Rich Man'

Young-joon Choi is the wealthy man who catches a giant octopus that is over 1m tall with his bare body. He described his job as "the men who dive," and "people who collect seafood while breathing through equipment."

The work of having to endure a full hour after entering the water was inevitably laborious. However, the reward of suffering was valuable. The rock cave, which is larger than the palm of the hand, boasted a unique size even in midsummer. The work, which started at 6 a.m., was finished until 10 o'clock.

After returning to the land, the wealthy wealthy took the octopus they had just caught and headed to a restaurant run with their mother. The seafood caught by the rich and poor was directly leading to sales. Customers quickly filled the store with the news of his return.

About 50 oysters from nature took only an hour to clean the hard shell. After a long wait, cherry blossom honey revealed its flesh. As it was 20 times the size of a regular oyster, the price was enormous, but customers continued to fray.

[News Inside reporter Kim Hye-mi]

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