'The taste of the wife' Ham So-won ♥ Evolution, getting off + Appears in the discord.
'The taste of the wife' Ham So-won ♥ Evolution, getting off + Appears in the discord.
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Photo = TV Chosun's'wife's taste' provided
Photo = TV Chosun's'wife's taste' provided

Ham So-won and Jin-hwa return to'the taste of the wife'.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, TV Chosun's'The Taste of a Wife' broadcasted on the afternoon of the 22nd depicts a crisis in which Hamjin's grand confrontation occurs again while Ham So-won goes to a war for raising children alone without evolution.

The recent dissension spread and amplified various suspicions. The couple finally reappeared in the'wife's taste' to draw attention. Ham So-won was angry and a conflict broke out as her husband, Jin-soo, who had been away for three days, revealed herself. What is the reality of the Hamjin couple's discord, which has become serious enough to mediate Hamjin's husband and wife by taking Ham So-won's own mother? It is paying attention to whether we can overcome the conflict and find peace again.

Above all, in the absence of evolution, Ham So-won expressed anxiety and raised doubts in the form of anxiety and order from the morning. Soon after, Gavin's mom, a classmate like Hyejeong, comes to Hamjinne with Gavin, full of scars, saying, "I will not stand it anymore."

Hye-jung and Gavin started fighting as soon as they saw each other's faces, and Ham So-won and Gavin's mother looked closely at the two children to find out the problem, but were surprised when the star candy deal, toy deal, and even the slide incident occurred.

In the end, Sowon Ham, who recognized that it was a very urgent situation, urgently asked for help from Dr. Eunyoung Oh, a child care expert. Dr. Eun-young Oh, who watched the fight between Hye-jung and Gavin, surprised everyone by diagnosing that Hye-jung's problem was none other than Ham's parenting attitude.

Broadcast at 10 pm on the 22nd.

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