Lee Ji-hoon, exclusive contract halted.. "Invasion of privacy-violently" vs. agency "I never did that"
Lee Ji-hoon, exclusive contract halted.. "Invasion of privacy-violently" vs. agency "I never did that"
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Jihoon Lee/Photo = Instagram capture

The request for temporary disposition for'exclusive contract suspension' filed by actor Lee Ji-hoon was accepted by the court.

He claims that he suffered damage from his management company, such as infringement of his privacy, but the management company announced the stance of'disapproval' and announced the main lawsuit.

According to TV Daily reports on the 22nd, the agency Gtree Creative said on the day that "contrary to Lee Ji-hoon's claims and the contents of some articles, there was no infringement of privacy or abusive speech, and the court of the case did not acknowledge that part."

"Most of Lee Ji-hoon's arguments were dismissed. However, when the judges comprehensively judged that the conflicting parties had'confidence broken', it was'temporarily' suspended," he explained.

The main content of the decision to apply for provisional injunction in this case is that the agency must temporarily suspend the validity of the contract until the judgment of the original lawsuit comes out, and to deposit 50 million won within 14 days to cover the damage that may occur to the company due to the suspension. Will'.

According to the agency, the indirect coercion requested by Lee Ji-hoon was not accepted.

Gtree Creative said, "The contract with the actor was not terminated as a result of the request for temporary injunction in this case, but it was only'temporarily suspended', but from the standpoint of the management company, it was caused by the unilateral change of mind of the artist. "We regret the decision to see the temporary confrontation as a broken trust between the artist and the agency."

In addition, he emphasized, "We are preparing an objection to the provisional injunction decision and a main lawsuit to recover the company's damages without leaving an erroneous precedent while disagreeing with the decision."

In September 2018, Lee Ji-hoon had been working under an exclusive contract to delegate exclusive management authority to Gtree Creative, but in July of this year he applied for a temporary injunction to suspend the effect.

Lee Ji-hoon's side argued, "Gtree Creative tracks Lee Ji-hoon's private life through the manager, makes abusive words to Lee Ji-hoon or Lee Ji-hoon's parents, and does not properly fulfill the obligation to distribute and pay settlement funds, such as not providing settlement data."

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