'Donkey Ears' Hyun Joo-yeop "Please invest 30 million won" vs. Heo Jae "YouTube Meokbang report decision"
'Donkey Ears' Hyun Joo-yeop "Please invest 30 million won" vs. Heo Jae "YouTube Meokbang report decision"
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Hyun Joo-yeop struggled to receive 30 million won in investment from Heo Jae.

In KBS 2TV's'The boss's ears are the ears of a donkey', which aired on the 20th, Hyun Joo-yeop was drawn on YouTube's Mukbang shoot.

Hyun Joo-yeop visited a pizza shop from the morning and ordered 9 servings of 6 pizzas and 3 side menus at once. Hyun Joo-yeop then layered pizzas of different flavors and ate two flavors at once. He beat the second pizza very quickly and ate the side menu, surprising the studio.

Afterwards, actors Park Gwang-jae and Chef Chung Ho-young arrived. The two decided to go camping and eat with Hyun Joo-yeop. I also called Heo Jae, who decided to invest on the way, and decided to join camping. Hyun Joo-yeop said that he prepared the meat worth 1 million won and lined up the parts such as ribs, tenderloin, and flesh.

Meanwhile, Heo Jae made a laugh with the appearance of receiving only the phone call from Chef Chung Ho-young, not from Hyun Joo-yeop. Heo Jae replied, "I didn't answer it because I was scared" to Hyun Joo-yeop, who asked why he didn't answer his phone.

Hyun Joo-yeop tried to fit his mood to receive investment from Heo Jae. Heo Jae was struggling in the hot weather, and when he heard that Hyun Joo-yeop bought a lot of meat, he was immediately enticed. Hyun Joo-yeop reminded him of 30 million won in investment, saying, "There is only one thing that is not ready, but there is only one thing that is not enough. Heo Jae-ui decided to invest by watching the three YouTubers." The investment is expected to continue next week.

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