'18 Again' starring Kim Haneul x Yoon Sang-hyun, four points of watching directly revealed by the director.. First broadcast on the 21st
'18 Again' starring Kim Haneul x Yoon Sang-hyun, four points of watching directly revealed by the director.. First broadcast on the 21st
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Photo = Poster of JTBC's new Monday and Tuesday drama '18 Again'

JTBC's new Monday and Tuesday drama '18 Again', director Ha Byeong-hoon, revealed the points of watching directly before the first broadcast.

JTBC's new Monday-Tuesday drama '18 Again' (directed by Byeong-hun Ha/played by Kim Do-yeon, Ahn Eun-bin, and Choi Yi-ryun/produced JTBC Studio), first broadcast on Monday, 21st, depicts the story of her husband who returned to Leeds 18 years ago just before divorce. The romance of Haeul Kim (played by Dajeong Jung), Sanghyun Yoon (played Daeyoung Hong), and Dohyun Lee (played by Daeyoung Hong/Go Wooyoung, aged 18) raises expectations that the sympathy index of director Ha Byung-hoon's previous work ``Confession Couple,'' which is considered a life drama, will be upgraded. Among them, before the first broadcast, the points of spectating '18 Again', which director Ha Byeong-hoon directly selected, are released, drawing attention.

Point 1. Episode 1 is about husband and second is about wife

The first points of spectator Ha Byeong-hoon picked were the husband's story to be included in Episode 1 and the wife's story to be included in Episode 2. Da-jeong Jung (played by Haneul Kim) and Dae-young Hong (played by Yoon Sang-hyun/Lee Do-hyun) are a couple who unexpectedly became parents when they were 18-year-old high school students, and the play begins when the couple faced a divorce crisis 18 years later. In the first episode, it is planned to arouse sympathy for'My Husband's Story' with husband Dae-young's salty reality, which Da-jeong did not know. On the other hand, in episode 2, the hidden story of the couple's wife Da-jung had no choice but to declare a divorce to Dae-young, and point out the reality of the couple. As a result, director Ha Byung-hoon asked for mandatory viewing once or twice, raising questions about what situations and stories will unfold.

Point 2. From parody hiding everywhere to witty humor! Fun to watch UP

Director Ha Byeong-hoon raised interest by picking the parody scenes hidden everywhere and the humor full of wit as the second point of watching. Scenes in movies and dramas that everyone might know will be reborn with the color of '18 Again', filling the gaps between episodes and providing fun to understand. In particular, the best friends in the play, Hong Dae-young (played by Lee Do-hyun) and Go Deok-jin (played by Kim Kang-hyun), are planning to parodies a scene in a hero movie and burst into chemistry.

Here, Yoon Sang-hyun and Lee Do-hyun, who took on the role of two people, are scheduled to shine. In particular, Do-Hyun Lee is a character who is only 18 years old in appearance and 37 years old on the inside. Moreover, Director Ha Byeong-hoon is a talented director who has been well received for his delicate and sensible directing that places witty humor in the right place. As a result, expectations are higher for the scenes that will be born in his hand.

Point 3. Finding dreams for all married people

The third point of watching is that it contains a dream search for all married people. The couple in the drama, Da-jung Jung and Dae-young Hong, became parents at the same flowery age as 18 years old, living with their respective dreams, and have lived for their families instead of dreams. They each have a'life refresh' moment in their 18th year of marriage. Is done. As a result, Da-jung, who is the mother of two children, is working hard for the announcer's dream, and Dae-young, who at an instant returns to her 18-year-old Leeds, and lives a changed second life, is a surrogate satisfaction to all those who have forgotten their dreams while getting married. Will give you.

Point 4. It's not just Kim Haneul-Yun Sang-Hyun-Lee Do-hyun!

Kim Yuri-Wai Ha-Jun Kim Kang-Hyun-Lee Mi-Do-Ro Jeong-eui-Look, etc. Charming rich actors make a big success!

The fourth point of spectating is that a large number of luxury actors who are fully armed with the acting ability and unrivaled charm that they believe and see have appeared. As well as Haneul Kim, Sang-Hyun Yoon, and Do-Hyeon Lee, Yuri Kim (as Hyein Ok), Ha-jun Wi (as Ji-hoon Ye), Gi-woo Lee (as Il-kwon Choi), Kang-hyun Kim (as Deok-jin Ko), Mi-do Lee (as Aerin Chu), and Jeong-eui Noh (as Hongsia) , Ryeoun (as Hong Si-woo), Choi Bo-min (Seo Ji-ho), Hwang In-yeop (Ko Ja-seong), Ji-sang (Moon Sang-hui), Jang Hyeok-jin (Heo Woong-ki), etc.

Above all, Kang-Hyun Kim is the fake father of his best friends Yoon Sang-Hyun and Lee Do-Hyun, who returned to the 18-year-old Leeds, and Lee Mi-do will be disassembled into Kim Ha-neul's best friend. Moreover, the hot rookie corps, such as Roh Jung-eui, Ryeowoon, Choi Bo-min, and Hwang In-yeop, will be dispatched to bring out the refreshing charm. In particular, the Hot Rookie Corps will break down into classmates with Lee Do-hyun, who returned to the body of Leeds, to form a new and unique relationship and exude a pleasant chemistry. As a result, expectations are rising for the synergy that the attractive and rich actors will create.

As such, '18 Again' is a broadcast that predicts the birth of a well-made drama that has a perfect ensemble, including a story that evokes sympathy from all married people, a witty production, a character fever for actors dressed in tailored clothes, and a parody to add fun to realize. The expectation for is further amplified.

On the other hand, JTBC's new Monday and Tuesday drama '18 Again' will be broadcast for the first time at 9:30 pm on Monday, 21st.

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