Kang Ye-bin, exasperated by her boyfriend's impersonation.
Kang Ye-bin, exasperated by her boyfriend's impersonation.
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강예빈 / Photo = 강예빈 Instagram
강예빈 / Photo = 강예빈 Instagram

Actor Kang Ye-bin complained of a grievance about the netizens impersonating her boyfriend.

On the 19th, Kang Yebin posted a captured photo on his Instagram on the 19th, with a post saying, "There was a tip from the past, but I just kept saying'I'll do it."

He said, "I even sent a post to this person asking not to do that and not to hurt me, but there are people who believe that he really did that, and there are a lot of reports," he said.

Kang Ye-bin said, "No matter how much you say and ask, I keep hurting me. I don't know who he is and why he is doing that. What should I do?"

In the published photos, the man's Instagram account is contained.

Meanwhile, Kang Ye-bin appeared in the free agency market after his exclusive contract with the agency Tui Company expired, and he played a hot role in the recently released movie'Complete Love Conquest'.

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