'Idol Dogs Championship' lineup revealed "GOT7-Mamamoo-(Female) Idle-Lovelyz-Space Girl"
'Idol Dogs Championship' lineup revealed "GOT7-Mamamoo-(Female) Idle-Lovelyz-Space Girl"
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GOT7 Youngjae-Mamamoo Moonbyul/Photo = Instagram capture

The lineup of the MBC Chuseok special'Idol Meng Meng Championship', the first domestic entertainment show, has been revealed.

According to the Seoul Economic Daily on the 17th, the MBC Chuseok special'Idol Meng Meng Championship' revealed the players of 11 teams. 11 teams including GOT7's Youngjae and his dog Coco, Mamamu Moonbyul, Dog Jackpot, Luck, and Health will appear as handlers and player dogs.

The'Idol Dogs Championship' is a program in which idols and dogs compete as handlers and player dogs in'Agility', an obstacle game with dogs.

First of all, GOT7 Youngjae and Coco participated, and Youngjae showed off his special affection by posting his way to work with Coco on his Instagram.

In the boy group Golden Child, member Bong Jae-hyun and dog Bong-gu, member Choi Bo-min and dog Joey will participate.

The lineup of girl groups was also revealed. First of all, (Girl) Children's Shuhwa and her dog, Hakuwa Mata, appear. Shuhwa, from Taiwan, participates in pairing with one of the two family-like Haku and Mata, who have been a great will for their activities in Korea.

Lovelyz's Jisoo participates with one of the two space and rockets, and space girl Subin is with Lucky.

This month's girl will be exhibiting with his dogs Tori and Lucky Lee, respectively.

Lastly, Mamamoo's Moonbyul and Wonder Girls Yubin were also listed on the list. First of all, Moonbyul is looking forward to seeing which of the three dogs will participate in the jackpot, luck, and health. Yoobin is with the active and sociable Kongbini.

In addition, various episodes of idols and their dogs will be shown on the broadcast. The idols of 11 teams participating in the tournament are expected to create pleasant memories with their dogs living with them, and at the same time show positive effects through'agility'.

In particular, it is expected that there were dogs that stood out as a'predecessor' during the training process, while others showed a moving story of growth, such as correcting their usual anxiety and posture through training.

Meanwhile, the exact schedule and information of the MBC Chuseok special'Idol Meng Meng Championship' will be released sequentially at a later date.

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