Robert Harley, Puppy-A bright recent "Caucaspaniel" with family
Robert Harley, Puppy-A bright recent "Caucaspaniel" with family
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Robert Harley/Photo = Instagram capture

On the 16th, broadcaster Robert Harley released the latest situation.

On this day, Harley posted on his Instagram "With my little hairy friends on an afternoon walk .. Curly and Sandy together for an afternoon walk. A photo was posted with the comment "Harley #Robert Harley Dog".

In the released photo, Robert Harley is taking a selfie with her dogs out for a walk. She is wearing a mask, but she sees smiling eyes.

Robert Harley also runs YouTube, and in the released video, he shows ordinary life with his family.

Harley, who was urgently arrested on charges of administering methamphetamine in March last year, was ordered by the Seoul Western District Act in August of the same year to confiscate 40 hours of taking narcotics treatment classes, confiscate additional drugs, and 700,000 won in additional fines for violating the narcotics management law.

[News Inside Reporter Park Yoojin]

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