Lee Hyo-ri, declared "I won't do Instagram anymore." Who made you close Instagram?
Lee Hyo-ri, declared "I won't do Instagram anymore." Who made you close Instagram?
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Lee Hyo-ri/Photo = Instagram capture

Singer Lee Hyo-ri declared that she would close Instagram on the 2nd, and the background is drawing attention.

Wednesday Hyo is on his Instagram "Hello you. Different, but with 3 shipment arriving date forward now to try to stop the Instagram," he aroused less surprise.

Followed by "recent'm not because one was in ... (of course, but the effect is very eopjin) do a lot of activities inde space that you want to communicate with fans that do not always ^^ this is not easy news Thursday secretly being used a lot of nerve," he said whilst Complained of his grievance.

Hyo said that thanks promised, "I'll think about our fans - from those communicating in a different way," and "In the meantime, you wont see me and gave scant support haejusigo beautiful ~ Thank you thank those who submitted written sounds as well."

Lastly, I added, "Yeahᅥa.

In the photo posted together, there is a black and white photo of Hyori Lee, who is thinking deeply about Munga.

Meanwhile, what is the reason why Hyori Lee suddenly changes the way he communicates? Her words "not just because of recent events" and "이aᅥ 은aᅳᆫheᅵ 인aᅧᆼㄴᅩ ㅁᆭ이 쓰이aᅩ ᅱᆸ ᅵ ᄋ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅭ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅦ ᅭ

Excessive attention and criticism is a double-edged sword that makes stars difficult is not just Lee Hyo-ri's problem.

Due to the professional nature of being a celebrity, it is necessary to receive attention and communicate, but it does not seem easy to find a more efficient and better medium.

It is paying attention to what kind of communication method Lee Hyo-ri will continue for fans.

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